New reed diffusers at Just Heaven!
Wax Melt Bundle Gift Basket, the perfect gift idea from Just Heaven!

 Don’t want to think?

We’ve done the thinking for you, and the gift wrapping too with this Wax Melt Bundle Gift Basket that is sure to please even the most picky person 😉

The bundle includes our beautiful Fern wax melter, a pack of 10 unscented tealights and 10 of our best wax melt bars – all in a funky reusable basket!

Limited Edition Christmas Candles from Just Heaven

WELCOME TO JUST HEAVEN, heavenly fragrances for fun loving people!

You deserve a break and we are here to help.

A break from your busy life.
A break from the abundance of ultra boring, mass produced products clogging up every single shop.
Nothing feels ”special” anymore and most people go for plain Jane to be ‘safe’…

But that’s not you!

YOU appreciate and understand what ‘handcrafted’ means, YOU want fun and originality in your life.
We welcome you here with open arms, YOU Beautiful Person!!!

Have a look through our range of high quality natural soy wax, heavenly scented candles and melts…
They are perfect as a gift for your home, your loved ones, and any event (wedding favours, birthdays, anniversaries…).

For wholesale enquiries please contact us!

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