About us…

Mimi Bondi

I am a French Australian candle maker, mixed media artist, author and owner of The Mixed Media Store. I’m here to bring peace and relaxation into your busy life… You deserve a break!

After delighting the senses of sight and touch of thousands of customers around Australia (and a few around the world) with all the lovely art supplies of The Mixed Media Store, I have now taken it upon myself to also delight your sense of smell!!!

Opening Just Heaven, an online store with heavenly soy wax candles, soy wax melts, wax warmers and home diffusers is the result of a lot of work but absolutely worth it 😉

Behind the scenes…

Everything at Just Heaven is handcrafted by lil ol’ me (from the branding, website, products, everything) – including the illustration of our sweet cockatoo!

Why a cockatoo? Well… If you blissfully ignore their deafening screeching sounds, they are beautiful birds, and so uniquely Australian!
I was born in France but have been calling Australia home for around 24 years so Australian animals are still very special to me 🙂

Despite having a little bit of French left in me, Just Heaven Candles is all Aussie!
All supplies come from Australian suppliers, and everything is made on the Central Coast in New South Wales.

To be sure, I wear my UGG boots as much as possible (dare you to take them off me!) to make sure my feet are always firmly planted in Aussie-Land 🙂 🙂

So many candles but not just ‘ANY’ candles!

I really want to do is share my passion with you because let’s face it… There are only so many candles a girl can burn by herself and I won’t lie… Most of the surfaces of my home have so many of them it looks like I am trying to raise the dead!!!

I know there are candles available everywhere these days however… Just Heaven candles (and assorted goodies) are for creative people like you and I and are handcrafted with much love from me so…  Each one is completely unique and special in my eyes 🙂

In the shop you will also find hand painted candle lids to further personalise any candle you purchase! I love creating them and I hope you will like them too so I can keep creating create more!

Thank you for stoppping by!

Your support and feedback is very appreciated around here so feel free to drop me a line if you have anything to say (constructive feedback of course) 🙂

I hope you will enjoy browsing the Just Heaven Candles website!

x mimi

Mimi Bondi, Owner of Just Heaven Candles
Just Heaven scented candles straight from heaven!
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